Spiridon'yevskiy Pereulok, 9, Moscow, Russia


Who is a Concierge?

In medieval France, every castle owner had an assistant called Comte Des Cierges ("Count of Candles"), responsible for lighting the owner's path, always being a step ahead, trying to anticipate the master's wishes, and holding keys to all the castle's doors. The concierge profession first appeared in the 12th century but was revived in the early 20th century with the emergence of grand hotels in Europe. In the 1920s, several Swiss friends, having served in the army, came to Paris and became concierges at the best grand hotels. In 1929, under the leadership of Pierre Quentin from the "Ambassador" hotel, this group formed the concierge mutual assistance association Les Clefs d’Or ("Golden Keys"). It became international in 1952 with the inclusion of Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy, and Ferdinand Gille became the president of "Golden Keys." However, the Russian section only emerged in the late '90s and was officially recognized in 2000 at the congress in Athens.


Our Marco has two bearers of this beautiful profession:

Anna Endrikhovskaya

Chief Concierge, winner of the "Golden Keys" award, best concierge in the world in 2013, best concierge in Moscow in 2011, and Marco Polo product director.

"A hotel is a place where the weather is always fine."


Victoria Konusheva

Concierge, director of happiness

"A good concierge is the best matchmaker for the guest with the city. Love is guaranteed."

Marco’s friends and family – We have gathered our partners here, where you will always be enveloped with care, love, and even receive compliments!

To book and receive privileges, please contact us!


Jeunesse – Intimate French cosmetics in the heart of Moscow, where it's all about love for the female body and Parisian apartment aesthetics. 10% discount for Marco's guests.

Address: Filipovsky Lane, 18


Pes Grooms – A cozy corner for our four-legged friends. A place of fun and safety. 10% discount for Marco's guests.

Address: Bolshoy Palashevsky 14A


Kult – Aesthetic men's grooming salon. Face massages, beard and haircut care, and complete relaxation. 15% discount for Marco's guests.

Address: Malaya Bronnaya 26 bld. 1


Sage – A welcoming and cozy restaurant with incredibly delicious cuisine and a homely atmosphere. Compliment from the restaurant for Marco's guests.

Address: 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya St., 21


KINSY – Our beloved neighbors and a professional beauty salon for those who choose only the best. 10% discount for Marco's guests.

Address: Spiridonievsky Lane, 5, bld. 2


Telo dlya Dushi – SPA for complete reboot and relaxation. 15% discount on SPA programs for Marco's guests.

Address: Trekhprudny Lane, 11/13 bld. 2


Uilliam’s – A lively European cuisine restaurant. 15% discount for Marco's guests.

Address: Malaya Bronnaya St., 20A


SM Stretching – Intimate fitness and massage studio in Patriarch's Ponds. 10% discount on massages and workouts for Marco's guests.

Address: Spiridonievsky Lane 9 bld. 1.


Hpa (Gera) - A cozy place where we connect women, adding reasons for joy, filling the space with essential attributes of care and beauty: bouquets of fragrant flowers, interior vases, beautiful home decor, candles. 15% discount on all products.

Address: Bolshie Kamenshchiki St., 3 bld. 3


Cape – A gastronomic journey restaurant from South Africa in the heart of Patriarch's Ponds.

Cape – 15% discount on the "Journey to Cape Town" tasting set.

Address: Bolshoy Palashevsky, bld. 2/12


Coba – Modern Japanese cuisine restaurants in Oleg Shin's interpretation.

Coba – A signature cocktail (or lemonade if you don't drink alcohol) as a compliment.

Addresses: Novaya Square, bld. 10, Malaya Dmitrovka, bld.


Traditional Caucasian hospitality at Tkemali restaurants.

Tkemali – A dessert Vanilla Matsoni with walnuts and honey from the pastry chef as a gift.

Addresses: Pushkina St., bld. 5, bld. 2, Novaya Square, bld. 8, bld. 2, Maly Ivanovsky Lane, bld. 7-9, bld. 1


Contact us:

Почта: concierge@presnja.ru