Spiridon'yevskiy Pereulok, 9, Moscow, Russia



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William Walcott, the main Scottish architect in Moscow, built several splendid mansions, the Lutheran church, the famous Metropol Hotel, and in 1904 started constructing the "House of Saint Andrew" in Spiridonievsky Lane.

The funds for its construction were provided by another Scottish Muscovite, Jane McGill. Hence, the building looks somewhat alien even in Patriarch's Ponds, and you can observe all four British coats of arms on the facade. From left to right: England (three lions), Scotland (one lion), Ireland (harp), and Wales (dragon). Notably, the flag in the middle is still Scottish.

After 1917, the building housed a dormitory for Moscow University teachers, which later became a hotel for the party elite.

Now, the house on Spiridonievsky is again a hotel, but only for those who are here for love.



Patriarch's Ponds is one of the most amazing places in Moscow. Interestingly, there's only one pond, although there used to be three (notice this when you walk along Trekhprudny Lane). With just one pond, things got simpler, but the name wasn't changed, following Moscow's upcycle tradition.

Around the pond is the main promenade of the capital. Here you can meet ladies, suitors, mothers with strollers, retirees, and students with books and coffee. But the main reason to visit Patriarch's Ponds is to live the full Moscow life.

Hospitality by Moss
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During this unique time at Marco Polo, the best local projects of Moscow have united under the leadership of the MOSS Hospitality team. Our team created the first boutique hotel in Moscow and now intends to extend our experience beyond its borders.

As is customary at MOSS, you will be surprised by the care (this is how we understand hospitality!), attention to detail (contrary to the proverb, it's our religion), and unique emotional service (the heart is our working tool).

Yes, we have vast experience. However, everything we've designed for Marco Polo can only happen here and now.

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The hotel's new slogan "Marco loves you," as if written in lipstick, sets a playful tone for Patriarch's Ponds on one hand, and on the other, openly declares that our team is accustomed to doing everything with love and care.